College Recruiting Videos

College Recruiting Videos

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Here is the process...

We can help you create a college recruiting skills video. Simply provide us with video clips from your video camera, phone, hudl, or any other device as .mp4 video files. Also provide a typewritten list of exact times where we can find your highlight(s) on each video file. Let us know the name of the athlete, position, jersey number, contact information, and any other important details we should consider. Good organization from you will help keep the process affordable.

1. Transfer all of your video clips to a USB jump drive as .mp4 video files.
2. Drop your USB drive to us at the UPS Store in Portage, Michigan. You can also mail the USB drive to us at the same location. You may upload your video files and share a link for us to download (add $150).
3. Once we have your video files, we will edit the footage and provide you with an online link to review.
4. Next, you will provide suggestions and edits to the video highlights we create.
5. Finally, we will revise your video and repost for you to download and/or share.

This process includes up to 6 hours of our labor time. We will let you know if we are expected to exceed that time based on your organization, revisions, or feedback. If so, the hourly production rate is $150/hr. You are also welcome to hire us to shoot a skills video for that same rate. Let's get your athlete recruited.

Get started by dropping your USB drive to the UPS Store in Portage, Michigan. We pickup and drop off at that location on a daily basis. or text, 269.343.1000